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A True Taste of Nostalgia

A Silent Witness in a Historical City

The second largest city in Indonesia after Jakarta, Surabaya has been around for close to one thousand years. Even before the Dutch conquest and colonization, Surabaya has been regarded as one of the major centers of political and military power.

In the eighteenth century, the East Indies Company took hold of the city, gaining control over the weakened Mataram, and molded it into a major trading center that also hosted the largest naval base of the Dutch colony.

In 1945, the city witnessed one of the great battles of the Indonesian Independence Movement, The Battle of Surabaya, that ultimately lead to Indonesia’s much-celebrated National Heroes Day and gave birth to many iconic stories of the Indonesian Independence, such as Bung Tomo’s Speech and the ripping of the Dutch flag.

With a history as rich as Surabaya’s, it is not difficult to see why the city would become one of Indonesia’s most exciting places. Founded in the historical year of 1917 — the year of soldier and sailor revolt of the Indies Social Democratic Association — Hotel Paviljoen has served as an oasis amidst the fast-paced, dynamic city of Surabaya. Having stood for close to a century, the hotel has bore witness to numerous historical events of Surabaya, securing its status as one of the most nostalgic places one would be likely to find anywhere in the historical city.

Today, almost 100 years after its founding, Hotel Paviljoen remains a much sought-after oasis in the heart of the big city. Throughout the years, it has kept its signature homely feel and warm service to its guests. Indeed, one of the reasons the hotel has survived for a long time is because it has never lost its personal touch with its guests, never scaling too big or serving too small.

A Tradition of Family Warmth

Throughout the years, Hotel Paviljoen has always remained a family business. Initially founded by a German and Danish couple, the hotel transferred its ownership to the late Harsono Purworahardjo, the family of whom runs the hotel up to today. With its signature colonial-style high ceilings and quaint furniture, the hotel has always been well taken care of, relentlessly providing guests with a clean, cozy, and comfortable place to stay.

The family values that makes up the backbone of this small, nostalgic hotel runs deep and shows itself it the way service is provided by the hotel staff. With warm, friendly smiles and a desire to listen to and understand every one of the hotel’s guests, the staff of Hotel Paviljoen strives to make your stay in Surabaya a pleasureable one.

Today, as a form of the hotel’s commitment to this mission, Hotel Paviljoen hosts monthly cultural shows that hotel guests can enjoy for free, as well as sightseeing tours to the surrounding cities of Surabaya.

Truly, a stay at the Hotel Paviljoen will bring you one of the most memorable moments of your life.