Our Surroundings

Discover East Java, Explore Surabaya

Within Walking Distance

Less than 1 km from the city’s central train station, Hotel Paviljoen offers many of the essential attractions of Surabaya in its surroundings. Experience traditional markets, visit cultural spots, go shopping, and enjoy drinks at clubs within walking distance.

Local Markets

Experience local markets and taste local delicacies from the numerous traditional stalls and vendors surrounding the hotel, and make your stay a truly memorable one.

Cultural Spots

Learn more about the cultural heritage of Surabaya at Cak Durasim Cultural Center, or take a short public transport ride to other attractions.

Shopping & Entertainment

Shop ’til you drop at one of the city’s largest shopping malls, and enjoy box office theater and exciting arcades while at it.

Nightlife & Dining

Share drinks at the old Flamingo bar, enjoy a fancy dinner at Kowloon Palace, or take rides on the local theme park.

Hotel Paviljoen Monthly Cultural Shows

As a form of our commitment to help you make the most of your stay in Surabaya, Hotel Paviljoen presents cultural shows and art performances in its 40 square meter-wide front hall every last Sunday of the month. The show is free for those who spend the night at Hotel Paviljoen and is open to the public for a small fee.

The performances we showcase each month vary in genre and duration, and will always be a surprise. Book your stay at the Hotel Paviljoen now to enjoy our special performances just for you!