Jember Fashion Carnival Tour

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Experience the world-famous Brazilian-style street fashion carnival in the city of Jember, showcasing a progression of hundreds of dancers in nature- and ethnic-inspired extravagant costumes throughout the main streets of the city every August.

A five-hour drive from Surabaya, the exotic city of Jember is perhaps best known for its Brazilian-style street fashion carnival every August. With a world-famous reputation, the five-day festival draws in the talents of countrywide fashion and costume designers. The carnival upholds the Indonesian motif, cultural and natural, exploring its possibilities with no boundaries, exhibiting collections of the most extravagant dresses that never fail to impress.

Tourists visiting outside the month of August need not worry, for Jember also hosts plenty of natural attractions. These include a sunrise shore walk at the beautiful Papuma Beach, the plantation and ranch attractions of Rembangan Highlands, waterfall trekking at Agropuro mountains, and a rainforest safari at Meru Betiri National Park.