Malang Beach & Temples Tour

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Visit the numerous cultural heritage sites of Malang, remnants of Indonesia’s medieval Hindu civilization, then take a trip to one of the beautiful beaches in its vicinity. Enjoy the famous Malang Tempo Doeloe nostalgia-themed cultural festival with plenty of traditional food and crafts when visiting in May.

A mere three-hour drive from Surabaya, the city of Malang hosts a plethora of cultural heritage sites. The city is home to over a dozen temples, remnants of the island’s medieval Hindu civilization, although the ones that are still in good condition are few, such as Candi Jago, Candi Kidal, and Candi Singosari. Aside from temples, Malang’s cultural attractions include traditional art galleries housing many workshops and performances.

Malang is also known for the beautiful beaches in its outskirts, such as Balekambang, Ngliyep, and Sendang Biru, although tourists are advised to heed the superstitious rules for visiting them. Other breathtaking attractions include the island of Sempu, Coban Rondo Falls, Purwodadi Park Reserve, and others. Due to the city’s proximity, many also choose to visit Batu at the same time.

Around the month of May, Malang is usually home to the Malang Tempo Doeloe festival, a festival celebrating the old times where streets are lined with traditional stalls of trinkets and delicacies and people dress up in old-timey costumes.