Mount Bromo Tour

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Drive, hike, and take a horseback ride up to the top of one of Indonesia’s most beautiful mountains to see the world-famous majestic sunrise from its peak. Witness the exotic Kasodo Ceremony of the local Tengger tribe should you visit in December or January.

A four-hour drive from Surabaya, the gorgeous Mount Bromo is a must-visit for all tourists visiting the island of Java. An active volcano of 2,329 meters, Mount Bromo sits in the middle of a vast plane called the Sea of Sand, a protected natural reserve belonging to Mount Bromo Semeru Tengger National Park.

Stopping at a mountain village, tourists commonly take a 45-minute walk or horseride to the peak, from which they view the breathtaking scenery. The scenery is most beautiful at sunrise, a scenery so iconic of the mountain itself.

Bromo is home to the people of Tengger, whose lives are steeped in the Hindu tradition. In December or January, tourists may witness the exotic Kasodo Ceremony, celebrating the anniversary of the settlement.