Local Markets

image2Less than 1 km from the city’s central train station, Hotel Paviljoen offers many of the essential attractions of Surabaya in its surroundings. Experience traditional markets, visit cultural spots, go shopping, and enjoy drinks at clubs within walking distance.

Enrich your experience with mouthwatering local dishes without putting more strain on your budget at Hotel Paviljoen’s surrounding local markets and food stalls that offer a selection of traditionally-made local delicacies. Experience local markets and taste local delicacies from the numerous traditional stalls and vendors surrounding the hotel, and make your stay a truly memorable one.

Some of the meals you are likely to encouter are Nasi Pecel (traditional salad), Nasi Jagung (traditional corn rice), a variety of satays and fried rice, and, of course, Surabaya’s famous Tahu Telor (tofu with egg) dish.